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AC Replacement In Magnolia, TX

AC Replacement In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas

The summer season in Magnolia lasts for about four months, and the most oppressive month here is in August, with a maximum temperature of 98° F. One hardly expects temperature below 80 degrees during the summer season here. Contact us today for the best AC Replacement In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas.

AC Service In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas

It is a highly profitable decision to get an air conditioner unit installed at home before the summer becomes unbearable. If you already have one that is not efficient enough, you may need an AC replacement.

Three things to check before AC replacement

When your AC is poorly functioning, a technician will recommend an AC replacement in Magnolia, TX. If you opt for this, you consider three things before scheduling a replacement.

  • Replacement needed or not: Don’t look for AC replacement just because your HVAC has some issues. When you have been using the cooling system for less than ten years, and the system starts malfunctioning, the repair will be more helpful and cost-effective than a replacement.

Make sure to inspect your AC by a well-reputed professional who gives you honest feedback on your HVAC condition. AC replacement is a must when the wrong AC unit size or Freon requirement is the problem.

  • AC model suits your need or not: Carefully select the new AC model. Check its BTU capacity level as it tells the AC size you require for efficient cooling. Before purchasing a new AC, calculate your residence size and multiply it by 25. The product you get after the multiplication is the BTU capacity your AC should have.

Do not install an outdated AC model. Also, check the noise level and energy rating. Your new AC unit must have a high energy rating and low noise level for complete comfort.

  • AC technician is reliable or not: Many of us don’t think much about the reliability of AC technicians and consider booking service with any available technician nearby.

To save yourself from the inefficiency of a poorly installed AC, look for three qualities in the AC professional:

  1. Nate license
  2. Long experience
  3. Good reputation

Process of AC replacement

  • The AC technician will remove the old AC unit. After removing the AC unit, he will clean the installation area to prevent debris from entering your new AC unit.
  • The second step of AC replacement involves an evaluation of ductwork and electrical connections. This process also involves repairing if there is any defect in the air duct or the power supply system.
  • After evaluation, the technician will install the new AC unit. If you have switched to the ductless system from ducted AC, the ductwork gets removed before AC installation.
  • In the end, the technician will test the AC unit and its thermostat to verify whether AC is functioning perfectly.


Don’t worry about the complications involved in AC replacement in Magnolia, TX. TJE Mechanical will make the whole process smooth and easy for you. We provide complete details regarding the HVAC replacement service and the charges before starting the work.

We are strictly against hidden costs. We never suggest unnecessary HVAC services for money. Our cooperative and skilled staff always give attention to the customers’ requirements. We value clients’ comfort. Contact us now and rely on us for all the HVAC services.

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