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Coleman Air Conditioner

Coleman Air Conditioner

Cy-Fair Air Conditioning Repair

Why Coleman Air Conditioner?

Coleman Air Conditioner includes improved access and reduced complexity Coleman Series Split System maintenance is easier than ever.

Easy access to commonly serviced items and standardized parts with less complexity allows for quick serviceability.

Design features such as a sturdy fan guard and smooth edges combined with easy access panels allow for easier service.

Coleman A/C Thinking Beyond The Rules

Advanced efficiency delivers the performance expected of a Coleman” HVAC system, and makes Coleman Air Conditioner Series Split Systems an intelligent purchase.

Coleman” heating and cooling systems meet or exceed the efficiency standards consumers expect, with products rated in accordance with AHRI Standard 210/240 and relevant ASHRAE
90.1, ENERGY STAR® and EPACT 2005 standards .

Coleman” Series Split System units have been designed to meet future efficiency and rebate requirements.

Coleman Air Conditioner, Thinking Beyond The Expected

With more than 125,000 hours invested, our Coleman” Series Split Systems are built with rugged durability that upholds the Coleman” HVAC legacy of durability and long-term performance.

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) facilities and extreme weather testing (from + 140F down to -lOF) were used to systematically measure and improve reliability, ensuring trouble-
free operation customers will appreciate for decades to come.

Coleman” Series Split Systems are developed and assembled in North America using strict supplier/component selection criteria.

State-of-the-art quality control and assembly processes gleaned from Johnson Controls’ advanced manufacturing expertise provide world-class quality at competitive prices.

Coleman Air Conditioner. Building On A Legend

For well over a century, the Coleman” name has stood for quality, durability and authenticity. Time-tested manufacturing techniques combined with the world-class quality control processes of Johnson Controls set a new standard for quality.

Outdoor sound levels of 76 dBA or lower are possible, thanks to a low-vibration cabinet designed with Finite Element Analysis.

A corrosion- and rust-resistant coated finish on steel wire fan guards and external fasteners, as well as pre-treated G90-equivalent galvanized steel chassis components keep things looking newer, longer.

Our lO-Year compressor and parts limited warranties demonstrate the Coleman” HVAC commitment to quality.

State-of-the-art quality control and assembly processes gleaned from Johnson Controls’ advanced manufacturing expertise provide world- class quality at competitive prices. The newly expanded Coleman Series Residential Split Systems include a 16 SEER inverter-driven modulating technology heat pump and 17 SEER l-stage AC.

We’re thinking beyond

With additional LX Series products that feature advanced technology, smaller footprints and easier accessibility along with affordability and an even stronger warranty. All with the proven quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Coleman” HVAC.

Coleman® Series residential A/C outdoor units deliver

  • Air conditioning units: Enhanced efficiencies up to 17 SEER in a compact size with advanced MicroChannel coils and reliable tube-in-fin designs.
  • Inverter-driven compressor: 16 SEER heat pump employs an inverter-driven compressor that can vary its capacity to better match a home’s changing comfort needs.
  • Smaller footprint: Compact units accommodate gates, hand trucks, vans and site pads.
  • Faster installation and servicing: Full corner access, diagonal base valves, single-panel access to power and control wiring, and a removable fan guard are standard.
  • Durable finish: A durable, baked-on powder coat cabinet finish with specially coated fan guard and fasteners provides superior corrosion resistance.

Coleman® air handlers feature:

  • Easy-to-install design: Compact casing depth of 20.5″ provides easy access through most attic scuttles. Factory-installed filter racks use standard size 1-inch filters.
  • Reliable indoor coil technology: Most models feature MaxAlloy™ coils to help ensure leak-free, optimum, efficient coils that last. Factory- installed TXV models are available.
  • Low air leakage cabinet design: Tested to ASHRAE 193-2010, the low-leakage design minimizes conditioned air loss and unconditioned air infiltration to deliver maximum efficiency on our A/C.
  • RC2-Rigid case construction: Innovative interior endoskeleton framing provides exceptional structural support (important in horizontal applications). This construction eliminates screw head cabinet protrusions, providing smooth sides while locking the insulation in place on the A/C.