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Commercial Refrigerator Cooler In Magnolia, TX

Commercial Refrigerator Cooler In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas

Cypress Commercial Refrigerator Cooler Repair Service

Commercial Refrigerator Cooler, repair in your area. First of all TJE Mechanical provides service for commercial repair. We also serve many different customers. In addition we offer service, sales and maintenance for restaurant cooler systems. Also these include, food service, healthcare, assisted living, gas stations in addition to grocery stores. So when your cooler, freezer or ice machine stops working, we know the potential loss in sales. Also Setting the temperatures below minimum local health inspector standards will give you a little room when you get busy.

Refrigeration Industry

We have been in the industry for many years. So we understand exactly how the restaurant cooler system works and the kind of care needed to keep them running to peak performance. In addition, we repair and install all major brands of coolers and refrigerators. Our company prides itself in going the extra mile when it comes to servicing your commercial system

In addition, we would like to offer you this tip that can extend the life of your system. Hence the same fumes in onions that make us cry will react with the aluminum evaporator coils and make them brittle. This will cause a very short evaporator coil life. Therefore always store onions in airtight containers.

Repair Services include:

  • Commercial Restaurant Equipment repair and service
  • Commercial repair and maintenance
  • Walk-in repair and maintenance
  • Walk-in Freezer repair and service
  • Commercial reach-in freezer repair and maintenance
  • Commercial ice machine repair and maintenance
  • Also removal or disposal of old refrigeration equipment

First of all, we can schedule refrigerator repairs when it is convenient for you even repairs at night. In addition, we schedule System maintenance to keep your warranty valid.

Because we offer commercial preventative maintenance agreements in your area this Means:

Lower Utility bills, Extended Equipment Life, also Fewer Repairs, Improved capacity, Discount on Repairs, additional Priority Customer, Inflation Protection, Agreement Is Transferable finally, Never an Overtime Charge.

Commercial Refrigerator Cooler

Conventional Refrigeration Systems Supermarkets around the world rely on refrigeration technologies to keep produce fresh, milk cold, and ice cream frozen. In addition the United States, supermarkets have historically used centralized direct expansion (DX) commercial refrigeration systems. These DX systems typically have a charge of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of refrigerant and can leak in excess of 20 percent of their refrigerant charge each year. Refrigerant leaks are costly and are detrimental to the environment due to their high global warming impact.

While leaked refrigerant can be expensive to replace, centralized DX systems are cost-effective when properly designed, installed, and maintained. Centralized DX systems benefit from lower installation costs when compared with many alternative commercial refrigeration technologies. In addition, centralized DX systems can be more energy efficient than alternative systems. Thoughtfully designed, installed, and maintained systems—referred to as ‘Green DX systems’—are a proven and reliable technology. In addition to cutting costs, Green DX systems can help supermarkets reduce their impact on the environment.

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