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Cypress Commercial Refrigerator Cooler Repair

Cypress Commercial Refrigerator Cooler Repair Service

Cypress Commercial Refrigerator Cooler Repair Service

Cypress Commercial Refrigerator Cooler Repair. TJE Mechanical has 26+ years of experience. When your Cypress Commercial restaurant cooler is not working correctly, you need TJE Mechanical services to repair or tune them up. Call TJE Mechanical to set up appointments with us at regular intervals to maintain your Cypress Cooler.


TJE Mechanical however has been in the industry for many years. And knows exactly how your Cypress refrigerator cooler works and the kind of care demanded to keep them running to your satisfaction. In addition to repairs, our services include installation of all major brands of commercial refrigerators, and cooler and pride ourselves in going the extra mile when it comes to Cypress refrigerator cooler service. Also sometimes the best time for your repair is in the middle of the night. Scheduled repairs when it is convenient for you. We can schedule your Cypress refrigerator cooler maintenance to keep your warranty valid. We offer commercial preventative maintenance agreements in the Cypress area.

This Means:
Lower Utility Bills, In addition, Extended Equipment Life, Fewer Repairs, also Improved capacity, Discount on Repairs, Priority Customer, Inflation Protection, Also Agreement Is Transferable, finally Never an Overtime Charge.

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Cypress Commercial Refrigerator cooler Ways to Save on Energy Costs

Minimize the amount of hot air entering the cooler by installing strip curtains. Also do not leave cooler doors propped open for extended periods of time. As a result these are easy solutions that can be performed by the owner or staff saving additional money on service bills.

Post signs reminding everyone to turn off the lights when they exit the walk-in. In addition not only do the bulbs waste energy when the cooler is empty, incandescent lighting also produces heat which causes the unit to work harder to maintain temperature. Also try fluorescent bulbs in the cooler. Furthermore walk-in coolers should be kept between 35 and 40 degrees and freezers between -5 and 5 degrees depending on the health inspector that serves you. Also make sure all cracks are properly sealed in addition replace worn gaskets. Do not stack anything around the coil. Consequently this restricts airflow and decreases the performance of your cooler. Finally have the defrost frequency set at minimum requirements (every four to six hours for 20 to 40 minutes depending on the amount of traffic in your walk-in). TJE Mechanical would be happy to make these adjustments for you.


In conclusion with a little instruction, your staff can play a significant role in taking care of your valuable restaurant cooler equipment. As a result these simple restaurant cooler repair can save restaurant owners a great deal of money in energy and service bills. Furthermore it can help to avoid costly breakdowns during peak business hours and also extend the life of refrigeration units.