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Furnace Repair In Magnolia, TX

Furnace Repair In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas

The winters in Magnolia last for about three months and can go below 30 degrees sometimes, therefore furnace installation becomes essential to bear the winters. Contact us today for the best Furnace Repair In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas.

Heating Repair In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas

Six common furnace malfunctions

Several factors affect the heating performance of a furnace system. If we neglect proper maintenance of the furnace system, we may have to compromise with an inefficient furnace.

  • Weak pilot light: The pilot light should be consistent and blue. If it is flickering or changing the color, there is some problem in your furnace system. Yellow pilot light indicates excessive carbon monoxide.

If the carbon monoxide flows in your house, it can harm you and your family. When the pilot light changes its color from blue to yellow, turn off your furnace system and call the technician for furnace repair in Magnolia, TX.

  • Poor power supply: When the wiring or electrical supply has some problem, frequent short cycling and tripping fuse can be the outcome. A blown fuse is also the result of this problem. Let the electrician handle all electricity-related problems.

Don’t try a DIY repair when there is a defect in wiring or when the pilot light changes color. Wiring issues involve electrical shock risk due to high voltage power supply.

  • The furnace is not working: When your furnace system suddenly stops working, or it does not blow hot air, your furnace system is not clean. The excessive amount of dirt and debris let the clogging form, obstructing the airflow.

As a result, the furnace will not generate heat. Replacing the heat exchanger can solve this issue. Do not try to replace your heat exchanger yourself; contact a professional for heat exchanger replacement.

  • Furnace suddenly produces noises: A little bit of noise from the furnace system is common as when air circulates in the duct; it produces noise. When the furnace system suddenly starts producing loud and disturbing noises, this can signify a huge furnace issue.

If it produces a knocking noise, there can be loose or broken parts inside. Various noises are the indication of different kinds of furnace damage. Contact the technician to know why your furnace has become noisy suddenly and get it repaired.

  • A constantly running blower: When the furnace blower runs constantly, this happens due to two reasons. Either your thermostat is faulty, or you have installed the wrong size of the furnace system. When the furnace system is too small for your house, the blower constantly runs to fulfill the heating requirements.

Also, when the thermostat is damaged and needs a replacement, it can cause the blower to run constantly.

If you keep your furnace system clean and schedule furnace service every year, you can easily eliminate most of the furnace malfunctions. A prompt furnace repair in Magnolia, TX, is essential to prevent severe furnace malfunctions.


TJE Mechanical can fix your malfunctioning furnace and provide you relief. We have well-trained technicians who provide high-quality HVAC services. We can efficiently handle all kinds of heating and cooling devices. Book our service, and we will leave you with an enhanced HVAC system.

Own A Furnace system?

Tomball Heating Furnace Heat Pump Repair

Your furnace heater system does not last forever no matter how well you look after it. The furnace will eventually have to be replaced. Your furnace is a big investment, so you don’t want to replace it before you need to. However it can actually be dangerous to keep an old furnace. So how do you know where to draw the line? Here are a few tips that may help you with that big decision.

How old is your system?

If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it’s just not as efficient as modern systems. In addition, the heating efficiency decreases over time as it wears out. A more efficient furnace over time actually pays for itself like a heat pump repair. Have a pro check out the math for you if you think that this might be a good option.

By law, contractors are not allowed to leave it in an unsafe condition. A crack in the exchanger allows Carbon monoxide to leak into the airstream. This toxic gas can even result in death. Once your exchanger has cracked, it’s time to get a replacement.
Check out your system as a matter of urgency after a flood or have had a situation where a broken water pipe or a sump pump failure. If the water has caused any of the components to become degraded, you may need to look at an entirely new system. Again, the main danger is that of carbon monoxide leaks.

Repairs cost more as machinery and equipment age. At some point, repairing might actually work out more expensive than simply replacing it with a new one. Once again, we’re here to help and provide options with our client’s needs and their budget in mind. We are happy to offer affordable options to our customers including heat pump repair.


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