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Ice Machines In Magnolia, TX

Ice Machines In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas

Ice Machines In Magnolia, The Woodlands, Cypress, TX and Surrounding Areas

Ice Machine ensures the delivery of a clean food product in restaurants, nursing homes, processing plants, and medical facilities around the world. Too often they ice makers are left out of a business’s preventive maintenance plans.

First of all developing and sticking to a consistent cleaning process for your ice machine helps guarantee customers clean ice. It also extends machine life for many years to come. As a result failure to clean the machine properly will produce fungus, “slime” and result in costly repairs.

Customer Cleaning Responsibilities

With a TJE Mechanical Service Agreement, a qualified technician will perform the major cleaning, sanitation, and preventive maintenance tasks. Hence your ice machine operates according to the manufacturer’s standards.

In normal operation, preventive maintenance will be scheduled twice per year. Also the “Sanitize light may come on more frequently depending on your use.

While in between these service visits, you can help by conducting the following tasks:

  • Always: Make sure the machine is protected from extreme temperatures. (no less than 40 F and no higher than 90 F) Also, ensure the equipment has unrestricted airflow
  • Weekly: Clean the exterior surfaces of the commercial ice machine with diluted bleach to inhibit mold growth.
  • Frequently: Rinse out ice maker air filters. Grease, dust, and lint in the air filter will decrease the performance of the ice machine. NOTE: Do not bang or hit the air filters on anything to clean — this will damage the filter.
  • Periodically: Check both the ice machine and the bin drain pipes at the floor drain to make sure it is free of debris.
  • Never: Use the machine as a storage unit (i.e. don’t stack boxes or store supplies on top of the equipment).

Very Important for Ice Machine

The cleaning and sanitizing of the ice machine will ensure the ice maker produces sanitary ice. Frequent interior cleaning of ice storage bins is very important for maintaining clean and sanitary ice. Failure to clean properly will produce fungus, “slime” and result in more frequent costly repairs.

Clean the interior of the ice storage bin twice per year during the preventive maintenance service. Some machines have timers to tell you. Please refer to local health department standards for guidance on how frequently you should clean the interior of your ice storage bin.

Here is a quick chart to help with your decision on what size Ice Machine to buy. This is for general reference only.


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