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Money Saving Tips


If Murphy’s law is any indication ,your air conditioners steady humming will fail on the hottest day in the summer, requiring you to call TJE Mechanical. While we love serving Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia and North Houston communities we thought we would offer a few useful tips to try before you call TJE Mechanical. Hopefully with a little troubleshooting on your part with our tips, you will be able to fix the problem yourself, then you can spend the money you saved on your Air Conditioner on something more enjoyable.

Tips 1

Check your breakers. Electricity in the Houston area is considered “Dirty” electricity. Sometimes surges can cause a breaker to trip. It can be expensive to have a Technician simply reset the breaker. Also remember, to reset turn the breaker to the “OFF” position first then to the “ON” position. Make sure you check the breaker before you assume all is lost, sometimes the simplest solutions really are the best.

​Tips 2

DYI, Check your thermostat Sometimes your thermostat can make you believe you need to call TJE Mechanical. Because it is easy to check and see if you just need batteries. Make sure the “FAN” is set to “AUTO” and not in the “ON” position. In addition maybe the power went out in the night or while you were at work, check your settings to confirm they are where you want.

Tips 3

Change your filter We have all heard we need to change our air conditioners filter regularly. Dirty filters can cause higher electric bills for air conditioners. Even worse dirty filters can cause loss of airflow creating ice on the evaporator coil. This causes liquid Freon to return to the compressor, this can cause compressor failure which is very expensive!

Tip 4

Examine your ducts and registers If your ducts are blocked you may not need air conditioner repair, check to see if something has fallen on the duct, like a storage box, blocking it. Blocked ducts will prevent air conditioning from reaching all rooms in your home or office. Are the registers open? Make sure your air conditioner register is open before you call TJE Mechanical.

​These tips will not prevent you from needing air conditioner service from TJE Mechanical. However, you will know that something simple than can cost you money hasn’t gone overlooked. When you call TJE Mechanical, you have called a state-licensed, Insured, honest and reputable company to give you the quality service you deserve.